Japanese Girls Raped and Humiliated

Japanese forced porn video EZD-297 - Chasing Working Women 10 [Car Shop Receptionist].

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  • Anonymous #1


  • Big tits69 #2

    I wish someone would give me a good ducking like this. Lucky girl

  • Enako mitz rika is my fb #3

    So realistic, 1 cum after the other, very good



  • なに?? #5


  • stupid edgy fucks #6

    i come to rape videos to act shocked 😀

  • Yeah #7

    Way to crazy



  • Anonymous #9

    Hey white night chucks,It’s a Fucking porn video it’s not real you stupid retards

  • rape all women #10

    damn this was so hot… dumb ass women deserve to be raped… every one of them

  • Tobias #11

    This is so beautiful. They should show it on Christmas each year.

  • sick fucks #12

    Y’all r disgusting humans. these girls will be traumatized for the rest of their lives n y’all get off to it ? can’t wait for it to be ur daughter or mother . Wasn’t even 10 inches of dick between all of those men tiny fags

  • Anonymous #13

    I’ve been violently raped for real. There’s nothing fake about this woman’s reaction. This is the real deal, no matter what excuses you pigfucking idiot cunts have come up with to justify your erections. But I’m here at “rapelust” too, so it’s not like I have any moral high ground…

  • Anonymous #14

    In case anyone is wondering, this is real and the company owners who made the video went to jail but got let out early as the girls had signed contracts thinking they were going to do vanilla videos, not cnc. They were forced to go through with everything.

  • Anonymous #15

    Oh nahhh..y’all weird for this…someone tells me to look this up and this is what I see?? Wtf is wrong with you all?? I just had my lil baby girl born and trust me if any of you sick fucks come near or touch my kid…I’d fuck you??‍♂️ Honestly can’t believe this bullshit…have some respect

  • Live laugh rape!!! #16

    Good thing to see women being properly used. Their cunts should be raped over and over. Bummer these idiots have to blur everything I guess

  • Rape me #17

    I want a group of nasty guys to abuse my pussy so bad?

  • ........ #18

    Omg its not porn its criminal

  • @sick fucks #19

    I would love for my mom AND daughter to get raped together. They’re both stuck up cunts. I wish I could pay to watch you get raped by your dad and brothers. I wouldn’t even join. No jerking off. Watching you get raped like thos while my cock scrapes against my jeans is enough to keep me hard until I’m fucking dead. Are you a nigger? I’d love to see a white man breed you.

  • @anonymous #20

    I’d rape your cunt right now. I don’t care if you just gave birth out of it. I want your blood on me and I want your baby to watch you get raped

  • @@anonymous #21

    Damn dog why you say EXACTLY what I was thinking?! She makes me want to rape her just to shut her the fuck up lmao. I’d shove my dick down her throat and watch her choke to death

  • Whore #22

    Feeling sorry for these girls as a victim myself

  • Anonymous #23

    These dumb girls dont even know how lucky they are. To be so pretty enough to be raped, to be so thin that they can carry you and use you like a fuck doll. I wish i could be fucked and raped like this. But im too fat and ugly

  • Anonymous #24

    Would you high and mighty pussies stfu lol. The audacity and the irony to act like you can talk shit when your on a website called “rapelust” is hilarious.

  • Rapemycuntplease #25

    This is real and that’s what makes it so fucking hot. The reactions aren’t fake. These girls got their cunts raped hard. Seeing the pool of cum between the crying girl’s legs was fucking awesome. They took what they wanted and more.

  • Anonymous #26

    I wonder how many times these girls came. Even if they don’t want it, there’s no way their bodies wouldn’t react to the constant stimulation.

  • Anonymous #27

    BDSM is one thing this is just wrong. Won’t be here again.

  • @@@anonymous #28

    Bruh right?? Like I really don’t give a shit if it hurts because I’m gonna laugh either way while I rape her. Her nagging makes me want to stick my dick down her throat until she dies on it lmfao. My wife WILL be rubbing her clit on her face too everyone wins except her baby tbh

  • @@sick fucks #29

    Honestly nigger rape is the best there fuckin is you right. Sadly there isn’t enough of it here *yawn.* I’m a white woman but seeing them get put back where they belong makes my clit huge

  • Anonymous #30

    @dude that j had a kid

    congrats, but now imma take it and rape it every single fucking day. your bitch too, imma abuse that bitch so damn bad

  • Anonymous #31

    god is there anything hotter than taking a woman’s sexual agency and pussy away from her? Filthy fucking breeders

  • Everyone here should kms :) #32

    Ur garbage and no one loves u . Rapist fucks. U all deserve to have ur ducks cut in half then ripped off shoving it down ur throat then sewing ur mouth shut . No more ignorance from u . And to the women here I had more faith in u.. eh hope u win the lottery and die 🙂

  • Anonymous #33

    someone please please please breed me like this

  • Wickeddick #34

    Where do i find similar videos

  • Notorhis #35

    This is 100% real and needs to be removed.

    They tricked those girls into thinking it would be soft core and then literally raped both of them and left them in the warehouse. I’m all for fantasy but this isn’t fantasy.

    These women deserve better than this video being up online for all to see.

  • The Safety System of Porn #36

    Due to many concerns from our viewers, we would like to clarify a couple of questions. In the making of this video, everyone on camera has given their consent. The girls gave a wonderful performance so most of us from the community aren’t surprised by this outrage. So if you are uncomfortable with what you are watching, you are free to leave this website. We hope your enjoy the rest of your fun time here with us!

  • torijaymes #37

    These two were careless enough to not pay attention to their personal safety and thus got nailed. They lived through it so what’s the problem. Get some therapy and go on with your lives. It’s not like you weren’t built for such treatment. Women like you have suffered the indignity of such acts since the beginning of time so stop whining and get some new clothes and get back to your professional jobs.

  • Anonymous #38

    This is as cruel as it is hot

  • Baiters #39

    I bet yall searched “top 10 rape websites” just to comment that rape is bad lmao

  • Anonymous #40

    I’d love to be used by a bunch of scumbag dudes like that..

  • Anonymous #41

    I used to let my husband and his friends rape me like this for years. The pain was real when they mercilessly pounded n tore my insides.

  • Uhhhhh #42

    I came here looking for real looking porn. Not REAL porn lmao. Bro peed on her so ig its real

  • Ewinch8 #43

    I literally dream about that happening to me. Snap me at ewinch8 if anyone has like actual suggestions lol

  • Ewinch8 #44

    I wish people where like this in real like to me

  • Anonymous #45

    these bitches got a very thorough breeding

  • Family Friendly content #46

    acting 10/10 almost belivable i loved this

  • 😄😁 #47

    I think every person who watches this website is super cool

  • yeah #48

    thats so weird that i liked it

  • Anonymous #49

    Really good couldn’t give a fuck if it’s real, jacked through it, respect to these guys doing this and taping for others enjoyment

  • Anonymous #50

    Lmao people there are so incels, those who say things like “they deserve it, all girls do” probably never touched a girl or grass either XD

  • WTF is this shit!? #51

    This don’t look like acting at all wtf. I think this is real this should be remove 💀

  • Anonymous #52

    Can anyone come do this to me like damn I’d let you rape me and piss on me every day

  • hmm #53

    this is the best video on this site

  • Anonymous #54

    God I want someone to destroy me like this my SAs never turned to rape unfortunately:((

  • bladee #55

    reading the comments always the best part

  • Anonymous #56

    this is fucking real you sick fucks

  • Rape power #57

    The final scene is so amazing. The slut is just totally destroyed the way a whore should be.

  • anonymous #58

    I don’t think this is real. Very convincing though holy shit.

  • anonymous #59

    Nah this is not real

  • Previous Commenter #60

    Anyone else high af right now? But fr, It’s been a while since I came back to my favorite vid, glad to see that more snowflakes flinch at the sight of reality. I’m laughing my ass off watching these poor girls cry after I bust the fattest nut of my week. Lol

  • Salope en chaleur #61

    J’aimerai tellement me faire défoncer comme ça, par tous les trous. Violée par une dizaine ou vingtaine de gars. Battu, torturée et inondée de pisse. Qu’ils remplissent tous mes trous de pisse et de sperme.

  • redhead toy #62

    i get so turned on, knowing my little pussy can make men do this…

  • Ash #63

    Killthelights96 on snap I’m in Oregon hmu if you’re interested

  • Anonymous #64

    Love bakky. Best reactions from the girls. Love watching them struggle and cry. Sadly have only done this once. Would love to try again.

  • Anonymous #65

    Yes, fucking YES.

  • Dumbass? #66

    You guys know this is fake right?

  • Anonymous #67

    The girls signed contracts thinking it would be with ONE person and vanilla, so yes this is real. You can look up Bakky (I think thats the company)

  • Anonymous #68

    It was so hot when they made them eat each other out

  • Needtobeused #69

    I’d love to be used like this. Living up to my life’s purpose to be impregnated and I’d drink every drop of piss happily like a good girl

  • rapemycutelittlebody #70

    i love how they slowly start accepting it and start quieting down a bit more. train and teach them how to behave like good little sluts. all women should be raped at least once to experience how amazing it is when a man takes all control and uses you like a little toy, however he desires. because whether you like it or not, women were made to be bred. men should be allowed to use any woman they come across because it’s just in their nature

  • ginger kitten #71

    nothing is more erotic than men losing all control and their desire to rape consumes them…its the sexiest thing on the planet…..this is a pure, masculine energy, raping, using, raping, fisting, raping, ripping, raping, slapping, there would be less wars if men just had a few slaves to use …again…and again…and again….

  • Anonymous #72

    The Bakky case is a real criminal case in Japan were the movie maker Bakky Visual Planning executive staff and the CEO were all sentence to 18 years in prison. If this movie was made by them then its most likely is real rape

  • Anonymous #73

    The second tag does say bakky, assuming this is a Bakky Visual Planning production would most likely mean its a real rape movie

  • anonymous #74

    The girls with Bakky Visual Planning were decieved in believing they working a soft porn
    movie then realized that they were being raped and abused.

  • anonymous #75

    My question is it a criminal offense to watch a real rape movie as it seems this is.

  • titsandass #76

    I want this to be done to me

  • anonymous #77

    A further update is the executive staff and CEO because the girls did sign a contract to be in the movie were released from prison, not having to serve the full sentence of 18 years in jail

  • anonymous #78

    Google ,,,,,Bakky case and you’ll find out what your really watching

  • annomonous #79

    2 girls signed on for a soft potn movie, they were lied to and raped for real. Executives and CEO all recieved 18 years in prison sentence

  • anonymous #80

    Bakky planning productions did a total of 17 such videos from 2004 to 2007 until police arrested the people involved with the filming

  • Anonymous #81

    Could not give a flying fuck if it is real or not. I came so fucking hard and will again. This is the dream – to do that to a woman.

  • jealoua #82

    god i am fucking jealous of these dudes.

  • Anonymous #83

    I want be used like that so fucking badly. My pussy squirted everywhere so hot. I hope this was real.

  • anonymous #84

    The executive staff and CEO of Bakky which made this video were all thrown in jail for 18 years

  • anonymous #85

    Google,,,,Bakky case,,, it will easily take you there.

  • Y'all should die #86

    I wish that all the people that masturbate on this die in horrible pain y’all disgust me how can you even watch this it’s real and if you like it you should die

  • Anonymous #87

    Rot in hell you fucking rapist

  • anonymous #88

    The Dark Story of Bakky Visual Planning that made this video can be watched on YouTube.

  • annonomus #89

    Its a news story of Bakky Visual planning productions luring these women with lies and then raping and torturing these women and then being found guilty and sentence to 18 years in jail

  • annonumus #90

    Even watching a real rape video can lead to criminal procescution to the viewerp

  • anonymous #91

    Criminal prosecution to the viewer. Beware

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