Teen Girl Anal Raped by Her Father

Jessie gets anal raped by her father. Lara Belmont in The War Zone full forced sex scene.

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  • Anonymous #1

    Id rape that too

  • Incest rapist #2

    Wow very nice wish i was her father cus then i would had raped that little tight teen girl ass too

  • Incest rapist #3

    OMG i would had rape my own littel thight teen girl ass too

  • Anonymous #4

    No mercy for a Whore daughter

  • Anonymous #5

    She’s just a little butt hurt at the end

  • Anonymous #6

    It’s completely normal for CUNTS to be butt hurt after forced anal rape.

  • Anonymous #7

    She would of been roses more then once if my daughter with that butt how can you not

  • Brad #8

    Anyone wanna talk rape email me.

  • ban this shit #9

    this if fucking wrong you all are cunts and stupid dumb people

  • Anonymous #10

    She can call me daddy cuz I’m a sick MOTHER FUCKER!!!

  • SomeoneSick #11

    Even her real father would have wished to anal rape her after seeing this scene

  • Ban this #12

    Ban this how is this even up

  • Perv #13

    God yes raping your own daughter is the best fun ever

  • Anonymous #14


  • dewymelly #15

    Oh, I’m getting so wet and spiky – if only this was in a toilet it would be pressing all my buttons.
    Why would you do that, she asks. Classic answer: to unblock your constipated shit-pipe.

  • violandote Nina salvaje #16

    Tengo una fantasía de violar a Amy Arias Herrera, amarrarla y metérsela por el culo bien duro, anal hasta que sangre y llore y me pida que se la saque, Amy de Escazu.

  • Anonymous #17

    You like that BABY GIRL?

  • TheRapist #18

    @Ban this – its up because fucked up pig perverts like us get off on it, while omega losers whine about it should be banned…..then WTF are you watching it for

  • Willy jerk-off #19

    What the hell was this ?, where was the all-important POV shot of the knob thrusting in and out of the birds bum and then the close-up of the spunk oozing out of the girls arse-hole after the chopper withdraws ?, this rubbish barely pasts muster as soft-core, absolutely laughable.

  • Jamie Kwong 613 #20


  • ArkansasMan #21

    Brings back so many memories. ♥♥

  • Paul Steiner #22

    Why would he fuck her up the ass when it hurts her? Well, because that’s the whole point. Anal sex maximizes the pleasure for a male, who can deliver 12,000 anal thrusts on the same female in just two hours, which potentially can make him cum up to 12 times. That’s a lot of pleasure. And if it causes her pain, well that’s okay. No pain, no gain. The male gains satisfaction by observing the female submitting to the discomfort, humiliation, pain, and degradation from two hours and 12,000 anal thrusts from a good anal rape.

  • SickObserver #23

    God that was so fucking hot. I’d rape her ass in a heartbeat. What a good daughter

  • Anonymous #24

    That’s all whores are good for anyway. I would’ve shoved it in her mouth after just to shut her the hell up.

  • Juicy #25

    That was some juicy stuff

  • Anonymous bitch #26

    Damn that was fucking hot I wished I’d get raped in the ass like that from someone

  • Anonymous #27


  • pervyoldguy #28

    god if my daughter was as hot her id do the same to every day

  • Anonymous #29

    That face at 3:15 is just waiting to get punched, I would’ve clocked her right up against her nose for asking a question that dumb ass

  • Incel misogynist #30

    I came so hard to this. Love it. God I’m so sick of rape being illegal

  • Mikey #31

    I mean she would just grow up to be another tiktok whore anyway.

  • Iplaypokemongo #32

    I haven’t seen the movie but this scene was sad I mean they did a good job of conveying this, anyways what’s up fellow degenerates

  • TinySub #33

    Mmm… Reminds me of how my step daddy used to punish me in the shed in the backyard if I didn’t get A on a test in school. I never was a very good student?

  • Bunnygirl #34

    I wanna be raped so baddddd my discord is Bunnybaby2367

  • Bunny girl #35

    I wish I was her so badddd my discord is BunnyBaby#2367

  • Sonsess/ks #36

    lanet babayı sevdilerse ababnız olabilirim size tecavüz ederim zevkle

  • Anonymous #37

    How badly do you want to get raped Bunny Girl?

  • Anonymous #38

    Also Bunny Girl, is there any way to contact with you other than Discord?

  • Mick #39

    I’ll go around the world with her, first cunt, shithole, deep throat no mercy

  • Rape Slut #40

    Hope he fucked her cunt after and got her nice and pregnant. Gotta make more daughters for him

  • anonymous #41

    Damn I would want her younger and screaming begging daddy to stop yet instead of stopping get harder and deeper

  • Fat Dave #42

    I’m crazy in love with my stuck up little cunt step daughter. All i think about is kicking in her door. Tying the whore up and ripping her underwear off as I then ram it in her ass as she screams in pain until she passes out. God I fucking hate her so much. So sick of these narcissistic young cunts. They’re all the same.

  • Anonymous #43

    She knows how to please her daddy on father’s day

  • Movie? #44

    No one knows the name of the movie?

  • Anonymous #45

    Her nipples are so stiff and it shows when she gets dressed. This is a sure sign that she enjoyed herself. It is always good sex between a mature man and a young woman.

  • Anonymous #46

    I’d pay good money to be her

  • Anonymous #47

    Isn’t that a daughter’s purpose and duty?

  • Anonymous #48

    lol at all the comments of people on every video pointing out how bad this is and dont understand…. mf you came to a site called rapelust. Theyre just guilty they like this shit too and comment against it to make up for it

  • Anonymous #49

    This is a must when raping a little girl, anal deep and hard is the ultimate climax, oh the pleasure when they cry and moan, specially when their ass has never been penetrated, so tight so hot cumming all over the place!

  • bobwins #50

    She’s got a lot of attitude for someone who takes it up the ass.

  • Alpha Gabriel #51

    She deserved it haha. I would’ve forced my little girl too. Dumb slut mmmm I love to rape these whores. all my brothers in here what’s up

  • @The_Foollish on Twitter #52

    I have a fucking pussy, why the hell am I watching this, you’d say? Idk, I guess I am just such a sadistic shit, that loves to see women suffer, but never in real life for some reason… I have never came without watching shit like this since the first time I watched. Also please stop saying you guys are “alphas”, it’s cringe as fuck.

  • Anonymous #53

    I’d be right underneath screwing her tight tiny CUNT while twisting her ROCK HARD UDDERS she calls nipples. Her crying just gets me going so HARD and FAST. I’ve been frying my dopamine to this scene for years literally draining my ballsac over and over and over again till I cum nothing at all. She is such a good bby grl of a TWAT

  • Anonymous #54

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    worst – dumb young virgin

  • Anonymous #55

    She says “Why can’t you do it like you do it with mom”

  • Wtf is this #56

    What the fuck is wrong with u people even when think something like this I start to puke . How can someone even fap to this. If you fap to this go kill yourself.

  • tee 18yrs #57

    add my snap tqueen_44 i deserve this 😏

  • Amy #58

    Mi compañera de colegio….

  • MrepaR #59

    Any woman from North America and Europe who wants to feel real pleasure from being dominated and used find me on telegr4m: MrepaR

  • Anonymous #60

    Wtf is this #56

    Idk, how can someone fap to scat? Or incest? Or even adults wearing fucking diapers?? No one knows. Be upset at the comments saying they hate women and how they want to rape them, but don’t shit on EVERYONE who jerks off to this.

  • Anonymous #61

    If anyone in Colorado is looking for an underaged girl hmu. No limits, not my first time. 910-548-1817

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  • Anonymous #63

    Add my snap to talk abt forcing and raping me noahforce_me

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