Wrong Way Home for Monica Bellucci

One of the most graphic rape scenes ever made.

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  • No #1

    Fucking asshole, even though it’s a film

  • Anonymous #2

    Cant i download it

  • S.O.S #3

    How and Why does something SO SINISTER feels sooooooo GOOD???

  • Fantasy rapist #4

    OMFG dont now what is wrong with me but danm that was sooo fucking hot would even love to try that my self

  • WitchBitch #5

    I always come to this video it arouses me yet it makes me feel guilty…

  • Disgust #6

    I’ve never cum harder. This is how serial killers are made

  • Anonymous #7

    /pol/ sent me here. Not disappointed

  • Daddy 111 #8

    Ohhh i love It sooo much the idé turn me on soo insane … belive me some day i am gonna do that too a Young teen girl don,t care cus this is very very hot and then finish with a big creampie Deep inside her thight girl pussy

  • Annoying #9

    It was done genuinely. His dick was clearly visible when he lay down from her. And it was straight.

  • Hillary Clinton #10


  • Anonymous #11

    Hillary Clinton is NOOOOOO WOMAN, she is a treacherous NASTY HARLOT!!!

  • Anonymous #12

    She got what she deserve not minding her business and payed off for him

  • Anonymous #13

    To the moon you high class cunt ?

  • Anonymous #14

    Wrong way home for Gal Gadot??

  • Anonymous #15

    Gal Gadot would be a nice pick for a remake of this with all those squats she did to build that fine ass for Wonder Woman. Seeing her BIG PLUMP ROUND CHEEKS getting pounded.

  • Lily #16

    God, I want so badly for someone to pound my tight teen pussy like this, just to pump me full of their hot cum as I beg them to pull out. Ugh, so fking hot

  • Incel misogynist #17

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve beat off to this laughing manically as I orgasm listening to those screams. You fucking cunts are going to pay for rejecting me. And spare me these comments about feeling guilty. Fuck that. Women are shallow and stuck up and deserve to be raped.

  • Breedable Mutt #18

    This scene is so hot… I honestly get off to the thought of someone doing this to me someday, especially if they find out I’m transgender and try to impregnate my cunt and remind me what I’m good for….

  • Anonymous #19

    She looks like a SWEETHOLE!!!

  • Anonymous #20

    SHE’S A CUNT!!!

  • TurkıshPsycho #21

    Fantastic! Heavy brutal. All bitches deserve this.

  • wtf #22


  • Disgusted #23

    All of y’all are disgusting ew

  • Anonymous #24


  • Anonymous #25


  • Anonymous #26

    Something that should have never have been put on film, poisoning the hearts and minds of men.

  • hot #27

    I want this done to my tight cunt sooo bad


    You want this done to your cunt or do you want to be taken advantage of and forced in your asshole?

  • Natasha #29


  • Anonymous #30

    I can’t stop fucking playing with myself while watching this, I need to go to hell.

  • I'm here for the rape #31

    We should all get together and release our inner demons. I feel that it might benefit us.

  • Lynn #32

    I’d love for a group of men to release their inner demons in me 😉

  • Anonymous #33

    Lynn, your such a brainless dirty whore…Up against the wall and spread ’em you stupid fucking cunt

  • Yall wildin #34

    Incel misogynist, while you saying all that shit…don’t get caught bc you goin to end up in jail and become someone’s bitch

  • Anonymous #35

    I’ve lost how many times I cumtribute to this HOT rape scene

  • aaaa #36

    This gets me so wet, and makes me feel bad. I know I’ve been raped before, but why does it turn me on? Why do I get so wet? Why do I want to be raped even though I know how it broke me?

  • Imfuckedup #37

    Why do I come back to this? I’m in an awesome relationship, about to get married and here I am months later aroused by raping someone. Im sick!

  • Geico #38


  • Anonnie #39

    Want my guy friend to hold me down while he fucks and fills my pussy

  • Anonymous #40


  • Noo #41

    It could’ve been more realistic with a refugee.

  • Psycho perv #42

    So fuckin hot id love to rape a whore like this

  • Turkish Psycho #43

    I’m gonna do this to my slutty ex girlfriend in front of her husband.

  • Anonymous #44

    lol at incel.. what a fucking loser. fix yourself bro. nobody owes you shit.

  • PromSizePenis #45

    I have fucked a lot of women in the ass while we see that scene, they love it, and they just ask me for more after that experience, I recommend you to smoke weed, and then fuck them by their asshole while you see this scene. Just thank me to

  • Anonymoose #46

    Incel I hope you go to jail, drop the soap and get raped by all the men in the shower with you. And I hope your cellmate rapes you in your sleep and shove his bear hand inside your ass and make it a gruesome scene.

  • Anonymous #47

    I wank to this video at least once a week! So fucking awesome ? Sweet ass rape scene ?

  • Anonymous #48

    This may be sick, disturbing and super crazy… yet her crying scream turns me on to the max and I come crazy quickly.

  • Sugar baby #49

    I want to experience that oh god that’s hot

  • Anonyme #50

    Par contre à la fin du film pas besoin de la tuer pour moi des mecs comme ça a les faires sauter !

  • Anonymous #51

    “CALL ME DADDY…YOU CUNT”!!! He was so romantic

  • Anonymous #52


  • J #53

    I want someone so bad to do this to me

  • Jo Prestia #54

    El tipo quedó loooooco haciendo esa escena, con la espectacular Monica Bellucci a su disposición.

  • Anonymous #55

    This is so damn hot

  • Dumb broad #56

    Lol. … Wish my boyfriend was into this shit. Drooooool, I’d love for him to do this to me

  • Anon #57

    One of the hottest scenes ever.

  • Anonymous #58

    This video lives in my head rent free and I’m going to hell for it

  • Anonymous #59

    It’s hot til he starts beating her

  • Anonymous #60


  • Fuck y’all #61

    You all goofs… no life… get out of you mommy basement and do something yall life. That person on the video should not be alive right now… he will die alone and he will burn in hell for this shit yo… I wish I was the person in the back ground that was about to take that route and turn around yo… if I saw that shit… he would not be standing…. Better yet… I would kidnap him and make him suffer for years after years and it would never end… someone like this yo… he would die slowly and as painful as possible… he would wish he was never borne you peace of shit ppl

  • Anonymous #62

    @Fuck y’all, ooooooo Mr. SELF-RIGHTEOUS. Talking a BIG GAME behind a keyboard on a DARK SITE. Just because your heart isn’t wickedly lustful against women, doesn’t make you all that different from the rest of us. First thing, “That person on the video” is a Actor. And Secondly…Your so Overly Confident that just Rapists, NOT people who murder outta vengeance will have their share in the lake of fire? AT THE VERY END OF THE DAY…NO HUMAN HEART IS TRULY GOOD, FOR IT IS MOST DECEITFUL AND IS DESPERATELY SICK…WHO CAN UNDERSTAND IT?

  • nice #63

    really well-made rape scene from start to finish. its gut-wrenching. the way she reaches out to the camera, to us, asking for help. she cant help herself, and we cant help her. she is in despair as are we. her muffled screams are interrupted as he rapes her. a passerby is too scared to intervene – a flaw as old as humanity. great screenplay, phenomenal acting.

    good nut.



  • Psycho perv #65

    Id love sloppy seconds even after that beating she got

  • Rapeman #66

    Wish I was that guy raping the slut in the ass so hard. She deserves it.

  • Ruining things #67

    Imma ruin this, as hot as this scene is. I heard that it’s actually her husband that plays the rapist so they’re actually screwing. Not absolutely sure of its true though.

  • Incel misogynist #68

    Lol. I love these hate comments you pieces of shit are sending me. Fucking beta male white knights.

  • Stiff Dick #69

    This rape scene was gooood, really gooood in fact. I don’t know if this Guy really, really, really hates her or maybe just women in general. Totally unnecessary to kick and punch her in the face with such brutal force, unless…. Maybe, they’re going through a divorce? This Guy has severe and I mean “SEVERE” anger issues towards women. I agree with “THIS IS HOT AND DISTURBING AT THE SAME TIME”.

  • Pussykiller #70

    I enjoy masturbating to this clip, it really gets me there it’s so hot and heavy,

  • Well… #71

    @incel misogynist I’m glad they rejected uu
    The day uu decide to rape a woman I hope she kills uu cuz I would
    You’re a pussy hiding behind a fake name
    You’re a lil bitch and that’s why you’re here under so many of these videos backing your obviously tiny penis
    No big dick man would ever uu sad low life waste of sperm piece of shit
    I hope I meet uu in another life so I can rape uu.
    Kisses from me?

  • Kade.cool2121 #72

    Add me on kik. I’m in flint, mi and looking for someone to beat and rape me. Preferably in this position. Love feeling you cum in me while my ribs break under your fists. I’ll send you all my nudes and videos so you can see if you want to hurt me

  • Forced Anal #73


  • Anonymous #74

    It’s God damn hot until he starts to beat her up! Burn in hell mf.

  • Incel misogynist #75


    Lmfao. If you’re a guy I would simply and quickly just slit your throat and be done with you. But if you’re a girl. Oh the things i would do to you in my basement with a blowtorch and razor knife. But go ahead, keep talking your shit. Or better yet, post a place where we can meet.

  • Tom #76

    It’s funny how so many of these comments are from white knights and feminists all pissed off, yet here you are watching the video. Hypocrite much? Smh.

  • Darius #77

    Hey @fuck yall

    Nobody is making you watch the video retard. If you don’t like it then leave. And spare us with the keyboard warrior wannabe badass comments.

    Rape is natural. It’s how things are supposed to be

  • newbie #78

    wow i love this scene iv been so tempted to do this to someone i now but id be first suspected

  • Anonymous #79

    @Incel misogynist

    You need help, other women have done well to rejecting you. I would too you fucking psychopath.

  • Anonymous #80


  • Mrcantsay #81

    Okay I know most of us can agree that this kind of behavior i r l is not appropriate. Even if you do feel like women deserve it one good ejaculation isn’t worth 15 years in jail. I hope many of you watch this content instead of going out there and trying it yourself. It’s not worth it guys

  • Anonymous #82

    The guy who showed up around 5mins should have joined in and force his cock in Monica mouth. Yes i know its a film

  • Anonymous #83

    What if a girl says no to u…

  • Anonymous #84


  • Anonymous #85

    Too bad Margot Robbie doesn’t have a Rape Scene?

  • Anonymous #86

    @Incel I hope you get raped and killed you fucking piece of shit ? and all MEN deserve to be raped muahahahahah

  • Anonymous #87


  • Anonymous #88

    Have fun in prison with big daddy dick raping your ass Incel lmao

  • Anonymous #89

    Incel is a disgusting psychopath just like my ex ?

  • Anonymous #90

    Man, id love to rape many women one day; my dream will come true all women are stuck up, and no, it’s not like I’m often rejected; I would love the tight feeling of someone’s pussy as I force myself inside. At the same time I would smash her face into the floor can’t wait till the day they resist me but quickly learn it’s no use as I’m thrusting, yanking her hair, and smashing her face into the floor till I unload deep inside her. When I finish, I’ll turn her around and rip her pussy wide open with my hands so no other man can enjoy themselves with her ever again. Just absolutely tear her pussy to shreads as she is begging me to stop. One day this will be my reality

  • normal. #91

    to Angry comments why are you even on site if you hate it? its a Kink leave site if it upsets you

  • Ms.V #92

    Hit up vinnaperez20 on Snapchat you filthy bitch

  • Anonymous #93

    Notice how he’s short ?

  • 3/8/2022 #94


  • Why am I here. #95

    Where is Jesus when you need him.

  • Anonymous #96

    Any command for us, Lord commander? What’s that?…Fuck em till their dead? YA HEAR THAT BOYS…FUCK EM TILL THEIR DEAD!!!

  • Britishteencokewhore #97

    I’m a 19yr old British girl and openly admit I’m a total coke whore!! Went with my mate to some party and found shed gone left me on my own and so went and stood with only person I kind of knew!!! And I went kitchen to have a good sniff and saw few huddled round and watching phone it and hearing the sound as I sniffed my 2 massive lines and then seeing guys reactions and what they were saying intop of the newly coked up no inhibitions high … I found myself say , after saw bit of vid , I let out a moan and was saying lucky fucking bitch !!! And they switched it off and turned round and at first silent unsure what to do or say.

    So then they all said errm so what yiu going to do? Tell all our wives and girlfriends then !!! , I actually giggled and went over to them and said !! And I just said depends who’s got some free coke for me lol winking and they took out what had and said here , so I tipped all out plus my own and asked who wants and all had a line then what was left I put into 1 line seriously was fat and just about 3 feet long and did in 1 go all cheering and as I sniffed back hard I turned see few smoking so I took cigarette of 1 and took few big drags and as blew smoke out , they all starring at me and so heard couple them grunt and taking seriously dirty about me , so I replied said oh would you !!! and then said anyone else thinking anything?? Then 1 stepped forward said yes ,, but rather show you than tell , signalling ok he called me over and then he reached bowl off cupboard and was full of coke and put on kitchen table and then he took spoon and sniffed full spoon up and then grabbed by my throat and just dropped his bottoms and pushed me down and up against the cupboards and shouted open mouth I did and he really violently fucked mybface/throat till gagged up so much mess and then saw others all cocks in hand and dragged me up and I was so turned on I jut tore my knickers off and skirt up and then had face slammed down so nose in coke bowl and all shouting sniff you slag more more and then I was gasping for a cigarette so they shoved light cigarette in my mouth and as took drag my legs forced wide and felt him force right up pussy and hate fucking me all egging him on and me graining and moaning so loud and then heard them saying she loves it , and put vid on infront me as they switched turns and then ,, I just reached behind myself and used the cum dripping from me wiped on my ass and just pushed my hand in started thrusting and was seriously so into it and absolutely no inhibitions my dark desires couldn’t be repressed any longer and so said gangrape me force me them cocks they did

  • Anonymous #98

    what’s with these comments? Yes, rape is wrong irl, but it’s still hot as a fantasy and CNC is a thing…

  • Anonymous #99

    “It’s JUST a kink” and “its hot as a fantasy” oh shut your stupid ass up. Have you seen the comments on this website? People talking about wanting to r their own daughters, or real life women etc. The fact that so many movie r scenes are out there already tells you more than enough. Rich men, or many men in general, get away with so much bullshit. The only argument most men have is still “well, what was she wearing?”, as if that fucking matters. Male victims also are not taken seriously, this world has just gone to shit. Better yet, it was always fucking shit. Sites like this should be illegal. And instead of feeling guilty being on here and not doing anything about it, how about you fucking face reality and admit it. Clear your conscience, be a better person, restore the hope you’ve lost in yourself. And in case this is a kink, practice it in a safe environment, with consenting adults, in your own space, and not on the fucking internet, writing stupid ass comments and going back to your family in rl as if you didn’t just watch a realistic and brutal rape scene and got off on it.

    To separate reality from fiction is important, but when the fiction is already fucking reality for many people out there every single fucking day, maybe overthink your life decisions.
    It you see a solution to your problem, and you actively avoid it, then you lose the right to complain about it.

  • LOLer #100

    @Incel misogynist

    LOL you couldn’t rape toilet paper you dickless fuck

  • Adolf Hitler #101

    Imagine getting triggered overr a film ? Stay mad fatherless feminist

  • love kink #102

    love this scene,pity she did`nt get a good flogging across that cute ass of hers

  • Kid #103

    Honestly I’m here just to read comments lmfao

  • GrowCock #104

    This rape was real, the actress was never told about it before it happen because he thought her reaction might be different, The severe beating he gave her I hope was fack, she never talked to the producer again after that till her death.

  • TwistedSadist #105

    All women should be treated like this. I cum every time I watch this scene.

  • Anonymous #106

    This scene is so fucking hot

  • Anonymous #107

    See y’all in hell

  • Anonymous #108

    lol our parents would be so proud

  • Fat dave #109

    What’s with everyone attacking the incel guy? You pieces of shit like ganging up on one person? We’re all talking about how much we would love to rape women. That’s why we’re here.

  • All women are shallow narcissistic whores #110

    I jerk like crazy at the beating part. Fuck I nutted so hard when he bashed her face in. Loved it. Wish I could legally do this. I honestly would do this to girls every night.

  • Mark #111

    God I want to do this exact same thing to my cunt whore bitch step daughter.

  • Master of misogyny #112


  • C #113

    Judging from the comments, I really hope God wipes out humanity soon, like it says in Revelation. You all are sick and twisted.
    And before anyone says “yoU cAMe HeRE toO!”, yes, I am sick and twisted too. There, now you got nothing on me. But my point still stands

  • Anonymous #114

    I can’t wait to rape both my friends so I could see them suffering and resisting just like in this video and I’m very excited to make them pregnant as well

  • Anonymous #115

    Post nut clarity makes me feel guilty of watching such sickening

  • Sadistic #116

    I want can this all woman

  • Sadistic Turk #117

    This scene raises my Testosterone hormones.

  • Sadist Turk #118

    All whores deserve it. All women are stupid piles of meat. All of them can be bought with money and power and killed for pleasure.

  • Anonymous #119

    Bruh, these comments tho

  • Kid #120

    Bruh y’all really need help i come here for the comments 🤣

  • Jeronimo #121

    Te acuerdas Danyela, cuando llegaste con ese vestido pidiéndome replicar esa escena, me corrí rico

  • Anonymous #122

    Ah yes, one of the most famous scenes in cinema-history….

  • Anonymous #123

    “Dear Sir, can you tell us what comes into your mind when you think of the worlds most famous moviescene?” “Ehmmm…NO!”

  • Ironman #124

    Cuántas pajas alrededor del mundo con la Bellucci y ésta escena, sabrá Mónica qué todos deseamos ser el Tenia

  • C #125

    @Sadist Turk
    I’m pretty sure jacking off alone in front of your computer screen/cell phone LOWERS your testosterone levels.
    Nofap’s the way to go.

  • Waldo #126

    Siempre se violan a esta perra en las películas qué realiza, será que en el fondo le gusta ser dominada y violada a la fuerza, sus novios cómo deben perforarla duro en la cama

  • Hannah #127

    Would love to be raped. Like literally when I’m not expecting it or wanting it just actually want my ass raped

  • Anonymous #128

    I hope all rapists suffer and die. Keep your gross “kink” to yourselves and the only persona who should know about is a fucking therapist. Therapy and help exist for a reason, idiots.

  • Anonymous #129

    “C” you know you remind me of myself. I came here because i was curious about the comments and i actually realized that humans are horrible beings. Not for the fantasy but actually for the scenes and the words they say about them. Im terrified about people, i actually refuse to socialize with others for a reason and this is one of them, i hate humans.

  • Anonymous #130

    Look,I am into this shit,rape is my fetish and sure it’s gross but still it’s mine,however a lot of the people in these comments gotta chill out with the whole raping irl shit,consensual non consensual is ok but to really think about raping somebody you hate is something worrisome and if your one of those people go get help or take a break from shit like this and smooth over to some less violent porn

  • Vinna Perez #131

    Vinnaonlyfans on Snapchat

  • Anonymous #132

    @SadisticI yeah mee too

  • Anonymous #133

    what a slut, she was begging for it the way she dressed like a whore

  • Anonymous #134

    Loved the face punching.

  • Molester #135

    I raped my class mate when she came out of gym class she didn’t report me or anything think she was too shook to speak I’d do it again she was so fucking tight

  • Anonymous #136

    My guy is enjoying that ass

  • lil girl #137

    i always come back to this video. oh how i love it and wish to be raped like this.. not rly… ugh i just cant help it

  • Tú violador #138

    Cada vez qué veo éste vídeo no puedo no olvidarme a mi Danyela, cuando te viole con tu uniforme de colegio, me corrí rico en tus calzones

  • Anonymous #139

    Lust makes you brave

  • Caliete #140

    Entre más grita la zorra, más me caliento

  • Anonymous #141

    the penis was added after the fact with digital effects, this wasn’t real and y’all are dumb

  • He vuelto #142

    El pene se habrá agregado en forma digital, pero qué el tipo se refrego el el cu.. de la Bellucci por tres minutos, mientras le corría mano, la besaba y sentía su calor y olorcito a hembra, no se puede desmentir, el afortunado se debe haberse ido rico en los pantalones

  • Anonymous #143

    you are all sick

  • She deserved it #144

    Monica belluci walking around in that slutty dress. Guy should’ve torn a lite bit of it so she could walk home looking like the cum dump she is. I’d do anything to forcefully fuck that sluts ass and blow my load in her

  • Fuck yeah #145

    God I’d love to rape her tight ass repeatedly

  • The rapist #146

    I wonder how many people have become rapists by coming across this scene. Can remember the first time I watched it ,and I came harder than ever. I hope I can find a whore like Monica walking alone so that I can try this.

  • @The_Foollish on Twitter #147

    @S.O.S #3
    I get you bro! I just came from this monstrous video, do I like being like this? No. Am I ashamed of myself? Absolutely not!

  • Rapersssss #148

    How can i download this video?

  • Anonymous #149

    You will regret this.

  • Iwannarape #150

    If any women are interested in having this done to them or another CNC situation hit me up on wickr at Brank81 and let’s chats.

  • Anonymous #151

    Penis at the end is CGI. Read the wiki article.

  • Anonymous #152

    Wow… loved it all. Especially the beating. Fuck that was hot.

  • Anonymous #153


  • Anonymous #154

    You can’t say the cunt didn’t deserve it with a body like that

  • Anonymous #155

    Anonymous #155 plus she was wearing a dress with no bra, so you could see her nipples through it. AND she wore a g-string/thong under her dress… easy access to her cooch. She had it coming, should have walked a different way.

  • Remy #156

    Igual profesional el actor al estar sobajeandose sobre ella y no escaprsele un Moniquita, o Belluchita

  • Anonymous #157

    Me recalienta esta escena,

  • Anonymous #158

    i want somebody to rape my virgin teen cunt like this :(((

  • OJ #159

    Her screams made me violently empty my ball sack

  • Danyela #160

    Cómo grita esa perra, denle el Oscar, se lo merece

  • Anonymous #161

    Love when he punches her in the face. Thats what really gets me going.

  • fuck you #162

    Anonymous #99 is in the right. Incel misogynist is piece of shit. And CNC/r4pe fetishes is a mental illness. We should all get help honestly.

  • Hissham #163

    You sick fucks, imagine if that was your gf or sis? Will you do it.. my Muslim gf looks like her though that’s y I can’t fap, poor girl

  • @hissham #164

    If that was my gf, she’d be getting this multiple times a day. These cunts need it

  • Anonymous #165


  • Fuck yes #166

    Ass rape this whore till she’s dead

  • Moonwater #167

    To the people who dream of doing this stuff in real life, I’m sorry you had to suffer such horrendous agony and trauma to get to a place where you take pleasure in the continued suffering of others. I don’t know who hurt you, but nobody should have to endure that kind of pain. I hope you can break the cycle of suffering and get the help and healing you need.

  • Anonymous #168

    This scene is both sexy and disturbing at the same time. Sexy because of her moaning and constant struggling. Quite disturbing because things like this happen to real people all around the world everyday. Like, I jerk off to rape scenes, yes. But I would never want to do it to a real girl. I can never take the guilt afterwards….

  • Ya'll wrong lol #169

    I love how some people in the comments are saying rape is good, and rape is bad. But for the people who are saying rape is disgusting and filthy, let me ask you something; What are you doing on a rape site, hm? 🤔 Seems like everyone is guilty here lmfao. Also, rape is not good IRL, it’s fine in movies and such because it’s fake. So calm all of your dickless asses down lol

  • Penetrón #170

    Esta escena me hace estallar las pelotas



  • Jeppers #172

    Como descargo este video en HD?????

  • anonymous #008 #173

    fuckk i want someone to do this to me so badly

  • Hahaha #174

    Bet this cunt wished she fought more as she was getting her face smashed into the floor. Haha

  • Anonymous #175

    I made my daughter watch this with me. She started crying and wanted to leave when the rape started, but I pinned her down just like in the video and started raping her tight cunt. Her screams overlap with the video and became a beautiful symphony while I rape her. Now I will play this video whenever I fuck her.

  • Kailey #176

    Hit me up on discord if you want to fuck me. KWU#7129

  • Anonymous #177

    Omfg that beating. It is my dream to beat up a woman. I would rape her first tho. Real hard. Then punch her, kick her, ram a cane up her pussy. Cane her back. Knock her unconscious and then rape her again.

  • Fuckmeat #178

    I want to be raped and fucked with a knife, huge objects in all my wholes. Any girls or men out there who want to text? Hmu on snap an_kll2021

  • Yes #179

    Rape that fucking whore. I fucking love raping women.

  • Jerónimo #180

    Yo le habría dejado el culo bañado de mi lechecita

  • samo Silovati drkati #181

    samo Silovati drkati

  • Anonymous #182

    These comments goddamnit- yall need to get in prison ngl

  • Justsomeguy #183

    I don’t blame the guy for beating her to a pulp after he was done. maybe if she had kept her head down and cried but nope she was still acting uppity and defiant even after having her shitter used as a shish kebab. Bitch deserved to die

  • Anonymous #184

    You people are confusing me. You act all righteous but you are on this website? If you hate this and people fantasising about it then why tf are you watching.

  • Anonymous #185

    Y’all obviously love this and are ashamed of yourselves for doing so. For the people saying “Im here for the comments” don’t fucking lie, you didn’t discover this website on accident.

  • Anonymous #186

    Send me rape threats and roleplay Snapchat:

  • Anonymous #187

    I know this is all acting but it makes me want to hunt down all men like this and make sure they feel every bit of pain on them.

  • TheCDfhag #188

    The fact that he had poppers and took a hit mid way through the fun is hot. Good Hot scene

  • Andrés #189

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